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In today’s Real Estate Market it often takes innovative non-traditional “out of the box” thinking to serve your specific personal real estate needs. There may be traditional real estate agents available to you that can adequately handle routine transactions, but most often your needs are not routine. To satisfy your needs from a property sale, or to acquire that “dream home”, or both, often takes an unusual combination of skills, including ,negotiation, current technologies, the ability to recognize opportunity, and project management to coordinate efforts of all involved parties.

To achieve a “win-win” transaction for all concerned, we believe your agent must have an extraordinary understanding of human relations, current real estate inventory; financing, title and escrow, have a working network of expert specialists, and the ability to create a variety of viable options for your consideration. Mike Watts Brings Unique Assets to Real Estate

Mike’s varied background sets him apart from most traditionalists and provides him with tools to present a variety of unique options your specific needs. As owner of a retail store he learned the value of customer interaction, the intricacies of finance, and the importance of thoroughly knowing and understanding the available inventory. Working in “aerospace materiel” impressed the importance of economics, use of current computer/internet technology, and especially the importance of timeliness to take advantage of desirable opportunities.

A short stint as an industrial Operations manager honed Mike’s skills of interpersonal communication, diplomacy, negotiation, and perseverance. Extensive sailing experience provides an appreciation for fairness and sportsmanship within the Rules of the Competition. These skills have been brought into Mike’s real estate service with gratifying results bringing buyers and sellers together for mutually gratifying win-win transactions “on the mark” for his clients.

Results References

Mike Watts believes in showing results of his unique progressive approach to the Real Estate Business and not listing meaningless claims. Success of this approach is best exemplified by the following testimonial by clients that selected Mike as a “Five Star Real Estate Agent - Best in Client Satisfaction” 2004, 2005, 2006 Winner and listed in the Seattle Magazine Bottom Line

So, if you have special real estate needs, or just do not wish to feel pressured into a less than optimum or long-shot deal from a limited set of traditional options, give Mike a chance to show you some innovative ways to realizes your needs. 

Mike Watts Phone: 206-660-6345

Email: mike@mikewatts4homes.com